OFF THE RECORD, Number 11, 2004

Articles in the 2004 issue included:

The Guardians/Kaitiaki of the Turnbull. Lydia Wevers profiles this new group, which she chairs.

From the President. Rachel Underwood reviews the Friends’ two journals, and encourages further public donations to the ATL of items or materials of possible interest to future researchers.

From the Chief Librarian. Margaret Calder considers the major consequences for the ATL of the National Library Act (2003).

The Turnbull’s commitment to Chinese New Zealand studies. Nigel Murphy looks at a recent exhibition on the poll-tax, his own involvement in the apology process, Henry Chan’s research projects, and a forthcoming conference.

The National Preservation Office – salvaging archives in Niue and New Zealand. Work in Niue following Cyclone Heta and in the Manawatu region following devastating floods.

Being Pakeha men? Dr Matthew Basso, the current Fulbright Fellow, is researching the self-images of pakeha males on the home front during the Second World War, and their attitudes to other groups.

Utopian communities and visions. Professor Sargent is continuing his studies of utopianism in New Zealand.

‘A civilising mission’: New Zealanders and the Rhodes Scholarship, 1904-2004. An exhibition in the National Library Gallery features a select group of high-flyers.

Cultivated landscapes: views, vistas and gardens. A parallel exhibition illustrates lived-in, farmed or aesthetically devised landscapes, in Europe and this country.

Deaths of Janet Frame and Michael King. A small exhibition celebrated Frame’s life, following her recent decease; her biographer Dr King’s death is lamented.

Musical notes. The Turnbull’s backing for the C18 Music Centre, for Dr Philip Norman’s biography of Douglas Lilburn, and for recording projects.

Electronic resources in the Turnbull. An e-librarian and a digital archivist are responding to the expansion of electronic resources and to the extension to them of legal deposit obligations.

Cartoon exhibition generates two publications. An exhibition in 2003 has given rise to a book of political cartoons and another of cartoons relating to women’s changing roles.

Past exhibitions: ‘The Dance of the Peacocks’ and ‘Tutu’. Bertram, Cox, Davin, Milner, Mulgan: five remarkable men; and a celebration of the New Zealand Ballet Company.

Taha Maori. Contributions to the Maori Language Strategy and the Treaty of Waitangi Information Unit.

Gifts to the nation: ‘The Sacred’. Gifts exhibited include a selection of books from the collection loaned by the Bible Society, and other documents and images relating to religions.

Maclean’s book John Pascoe. Chris Maclean uses many photos from ATL collections.

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