Independence for the National Library and Archives NZ?

In mid 2018 the Government called for submissions on the current status and future of “National Archival and Library Institutions” (NALI). The Friends of Turnbull Library immediately submitted that the National Library of New Zealand (along with the Alexander Turnbull Library) needs independence to do its job properly. At present it is under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) where it is a subset of Information and Knowledge Services. The absence of a clear and specific appropriation for both Archives and Libraries means that there is insufficient transparency as well as a lack of public assurance and safeguards for the financial independence and finances of the National and Turnbull Libraries and for Archives New Zealand. For the full NALI submission see here.

Recent further research has been carried out to show the increasingly dismal state of Library finances. See Follow the Money.

And see also The Numbers Tell the Story.

The Government is planning to make an announcement in the New Year.