Founder Lecture 2014

Charlotte Macdonald
Charlotte Macdonald, photo by Kate Fortune

Charlotte Macdonald, professor of history at Victoria University of Wellington, presented the Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture on Thursday 19 June, at the Adam Auditorium, Wellington City Gallery.

Her topic, Looking down the barrel of history: tragedy and heroism at Te Ranga, 21 June 1864, was the story of the last major engagement of the “New Zealand Wars”, when more than 100 men died in a battle between Māori led by Ngaiterangi, and British troops under Colonel Henry Greer.

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The Future Turnbull

The Alexander Turnbull Library’s chief librarian, Chris Szekely, delivered the annual Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture to the Friends on 18 June 2009, discussing the challenges ahead for the Library and the giant steps already being taken to meet them.

We have pleasure in presenting the full text of his lecture which poses and answers vital questions about how the Library will look in ten years time and beyond.

You can read the 2009 Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture here.