Book on Gothic architecture presented to Turnbull

140506_Bk to ATLOn 6 May, 2014 Rachel Underwood, president of the Friends of the Turnbull Library, presented Chief Librarian Chris Szekely with a copy of Imperial Gothic, a recently published book on religious architecture and Anglican culture by Alex Bremner, of Edinburgh, who received the Friends of the Turnbull Library (FoTL) Research Grant in 2006 to assist in his research in New Zealand. The book contains many examples of church architecture from New Zealand.


Women and the demon drink

Sue Upton
Sue Upton, photo by Kate Fortune

In a public talk to the Friends of the Turnbull Library on 20 March 2014, Wellington researcher and historian Sue Upton presented some of the images and stories from her book, Wanted, a Beautiful Barmaid: Women behind the bar in New Zealand 1830-1976, which was published by Victoria University Press in 2013.

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Wellingtonians, a Turnbull book

Wellingtonians: From the Turnbull Library CollectionsTurnbull manuscripts curator David Colquhoun has produced a winner with Wellingtonians: From the Turnbull Collections.

Readers will enjoy a delightful variety of aspects of Wellington’s past, in a satisfyingly offbeat selection from the Turnbull’s pictorial treasurehouse of photographs, paintings, cartoons, manuscripts, posters, sketches, and novelty postcards. The book was published by Steele Roberts late last year.