2018 Competition Results

In 2018, our Smart Alex creative writing competition for school pupils received more than 200 entries in the two categories, Yr 9–10 and Yr 11–13.  The results were:

In the Yr 11–13 category, the 2018 winner was:
CHARLOTTE BOYLE of Cashmere High School, Christchurch (“Crotchety crochet”).

LIA HORSLEY of Hastings Girls High School, Hastings (“Bȃc sī”).

Smart Alex winners Yr 11–13


In the Yr 9–10 category, the 2018 winner was:
KRISTEN ROXBURGH of Selwyn College, Auckland (“Right side up”).

EARINA SAVINELLI of Whakatane High School, Whakatane (“The Haircut”).

Smart Alex winners Yr 9-10