Bequests and Donations

Bequests and donations are very effective ways of supporting the Alexander Turnbull Library. The Library always welcomes bequests that may be of historical value, including books, documents, paintings, drawings, family papers and photographs. Financial bequests – made direct to the Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust or to the Friends of the Turnbull Library – are used to support the Library’s work of collecting, preserving, and improving the dissemination of knowledge of New Zealand’s heritage.

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Bequest to assist conservation work

The Friends have been successful in obtaining a grant of $10,000 from the National Library’s Macklin Bequest to be used towards the restoration of several oil paintings in the Turnbull Library’s collections.

The first painting to be restored is a portrait of Walter Turnbull — father of Alexander Turnbull — which was part of Alexander’s own collection. Some 40 years after Alexander’s death, the painting suffered water damage while stored in the attic of the old Turnbull House.

The Future Turnbull

The Alexander Turnbull Library’s chief librarian, Chris Szekely, delivered the annual Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture to the Friends on 18 June 2009, discussing the challenges ahead for the Library and the giant steps already being taken to meet them.

We have pleasure in presenting the full text of his lecture which poses and answers vital questions about how the Library will look in ten years time and beyond.

You can read the 2009 Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture here.

Call for papers: Turnbull Library Record

The Turnbull Library Record is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the humanities, published annually by the Alexander Turnbull Library in association with the Friends of the Turnbull Library. Contributions that have not been previously published are welcomed and, before acceptance, will be evaluated by independent referees.

For details of forthcoming issues and submission requirements, contact:

The Editorial Board
Turnbull Library Record
PO Box 12 349
Wellington, New Zealand