Turnbull Library Record — Vol. 38, 2005

Articles in the 2005 issue included:

Tribute to Laurie Cameron by Brian Opie. Laurie Cameron, 1922-2005, gave unsurpassed service to the National and Turnbull Libraries. As the Chair of the Trustees of the National Library, he ensured the Turnbull Library’s interests were always fully considered.

The Curious Henry Wright and his Library. Peter Lineham examines the small and curious book collection formed by Henry Wright, 1844-1936, a Wellington money-lender, debt collector and photographer. The collection is held by the Library. This essay was developed from lectures presented at the time of the Henry Wright exhibition in the National Library Gallery 2002.

The Missing Report: Sir David Hutchins and New Zealand Forestry, Part II. Michael Roche examines the contentious circumstances surrounding a report on New Zealand forests and forestry in 1915, by an expert on British colonial forestry, Sir David Hutchins.

Digging in the Compost Heap. Frances Porter reflects on her lifelong association with New Zealand history: from her childhood, employment at the Historical Branch, and as an independent researcher. She looks closely at the process of selection and interpretation.

Beetham of Brancepeth. In this case study of a Wairarapa family, Lydia Wevers offers insights about the rise of a rural elite, and the cultural, intellectual, and social life of a large farm community in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Serenades and Portraits: A Sesquicentennial Tribute to Zealandia (Part 2). Richard Corballis looks at the figure of Zealandia as a female national symbol of New Zealand, through the work of musicians and artists (mainly cartoonists).

The New Zealand Journals of Thomas Laslett, 1833-1843. David Colquhoun examines a recent Library acquisition. The journals of Thomas Laslett (1811-1887), offer a unique perspective on the early timber trade, and on interactions between Maori and Pakeha in the 1830s and 1840s.

Did Gilsemans and Tasman Collude in Concealing Evidence in Batavia in 1643? In a letter to the Editor Grahame Anderson comments critically on the conclusions of Rudiger Mack’s article in the TLR 2004. Did Dutch sailors land in Wainui Bay on 18 December 1642?