Turnbull Library Record — Vol. 39, 2006

Articles in the 2006 issue included:

Drawing the Line: A Short History of Editorial Cartooning in New Zealand. Ian F. Grant discusses the role of editorial cartoonists over more than 150 years in adding different and often illuminating perspectives to historical research, and comments on their distinctive characteristics.

Three great New Zealand Bibliographers: Personal Reminiscences. T. H. Howard-Hill describes some aspects of the life and works of Bill Cameron, Keith Maslen, and Mac Jackson, in an attempt to shed light on why so many bibliographers and editors have emerged in New Zealand.

The Fitzgerald Brothers’ Circus: Considering Circus Entertainments In Late Colonial New Zealand. Gillian Arrighi.

The Turnbull Assignment: From Pedantry to Pleasure in Pacific Studies. Teresia Teaiwa discusses the pleasurable outcomes of introducing students to the Pacific collections in the Library.

The trick of standing upright here. Kim Hill’s speech at the opening of the poetry exhibition, “Main Trunk Lines: New Zealand Poetry” at the National Library Gallery, 21 July-30 October 2005.

The Source of the First Printed Illustration of New Zealand. Rudiger Mack. Further debate generated by Mack’s article in the Record in 2004, and Grahame Anderson’s 2005 response.

The Photographs of Louis John Daroux. A rich collection of images of New Zealand and the Pacific from about 1900 to the 1920s was acquired by the Turnbull Library in December 2005. John Sullivan, Curator, Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library, explains their significance.

From a soldier’s dugout somewhere in France. Kevin Stewart, Manuscripts Section, Alexander Turnbull Library, takes a close look at the papers of Lieutenant Horopapera Karauti, who saw action during World War One. This collection is part of the comprehensive collection of diaries and letters in the Turnbull Library’s War Archive.


Gillian Arrighi is currently writing a PhD thesis concerned with the FitzGerald Brothers Circus in Australia and New Zealand. She is based at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, where she also teaches acting. Gillian was born and educated in Wellington.

Ian F Grant was founder of the New Zealand Cartoon Archive and chairman of the New Zealand Cartoon Archive Trust until the archive was absorbed into the Alexander Turnbull Library in 2005. A publisher and writer, three of his 13 books have been New Zealand cartoon histories.

Kim Hill is a radio broadcaster and commentator. She works for Radio New Zealand.

Trevor Howard-Hill is an eminent bibliographer. He was senior cataloguer in the Alexander Turnbull library in the early 1960s, before going to Oxford and a distinguished career overseas. He is currently editor of the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA.

Rudiger Mack teaches at the Correspondence School, Wellington. Kevin Steward is the arrangement and description librarian, Manuscripts Section, Alexander Turnbull Library.

John Sullivan is the curator, Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library.

Teresia Teaiwa is senior lecturer in Pacific Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, where she has worked since 2000.