The Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust

The Endowment Trust supports the Turnbull´s work of collecting, preserving and making available New Zealand´s cultural heritage. The Trust manages the Lilburn
Trust to foster and promote New Zealand music, the Jack Ilott Oral History Education Fund, and the Research Trust.

Gifts of materials for the collections and funds to increase the endowment are essential.

Library acquisitions are partly funded by Government, but between one-third and one-half of acquisitions each year are gifts or bequests. Family papers, manuscripts, maps, documents, paintings, drawings and photographs are of particular importance.

Additional funds for the Endowment Trust can help the Library to support and encourage research based on its collections as well as publication, conferences, seminars and lectures, and international exchanges among scholars.

Financial gifts and bequests are sought by the Endowment Trust to support these objectives.

All gifts will be recorded and acknowledged.

The Endowment Trust is a charitable trust and contributions qualify for deductions under the Income Tax Act and the Estate and Gift Duties Act.

The Endowment Trust Board
Chair: Mr David Underwood
Members: Ms Judith Fyfe, Professor Erik Olssen, Dr Brian Opie. Mr Graham Fortune

Communications should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust
PO Box 12-349
Wellington, NZ